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-Gain Exposure, Get Discovered-

The Praetorian Performance Protocol provides water polo athletes with accurate measurable fundamental skills that high school and college coaches use to evaluate players. Testing areas include: functional movement, 25y sprint, leg power and endurance, shot power and accuracy.  

how to get evaluated

At the end of the session (Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall) the last two practices will be dedicated to Praetorian Performance Protocol.

Each athlete will get a chance to participate in the performance protocol and earn their score. 

The idea behind the 3P system  is to monitor the players development and show them the tangible  results . Once the results are published, the athlete will know exactly what they need to work on in order to improve their score.

get your

3P score

The 3P Scores will be published at the end of the session. You need to participate in every single drill in order to receive your score. If you miss even one drill, your score will not be published.


Reference chart

0-0.5=Beginner | This score is adequate for younger players (10U-12U) or players that are new to water polo.

0.5-1=JV | This score is adequate for developed younger players (10U-12U) or high school players with only few years of experience. 

1-2=Varsity | This score is adequate for high school level players that have more than four years of water polo experience.

2-3=College  | This score is adequate for an average college level player in their freshman or sophomore year. 

3-4=All-American | This score is adequate for advanced college players  who are being considered for All-American status.

4-5=National Team | This score is adequate for the highest level of competition. Usually the national level athletes or the best college athletes will be in this category.


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