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Praetorian Water Polo

Spring Scrimmages


The main focus in the spring should be to swim with your local high school or junior high team. We hope that our club athletes will use this times to get faster for the summer season. The idea behind our spring scrimmages is to simply keep the hand on the ball few times a month.

Our spring scrimmages are scheduled either once a week or once every two weeks depending on the age group and gender. We don't want to stress our athletes with extra practices and drills which is why we are promoting the spring scrimmage format. Our athletes will stay involved by scrimmaging few times a month which is what they like to do the most.

We will also use the spring scrimmages to go over the new USA water polo rules that will be implemented in March of 2019.


All Athletes have to be registered under USA Water Polo, they need gold membership, and they need birth verification.

  • If you are not registered click here and follow instructions. 

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