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College-Bound Athletes

Congratulations to the Praetorian Water Polo Club Athletes Committed to Play in College.

Class of 2023


Gianna Garcia - Cal Lutheran

Skierka Elaine - OCC JC

Vanessa Rivera - Merced JC

Savanna Rivera - Merced JC

Chase Hammes - Fresno Pacific

Evan Ladeairous - UC Merced

Jesse Ellis - Connecticut College

Diego Guerra - Modesto JC


Class of 2022

Morgan Gates - Cal Baptist University

Jacob Mastrantuono - Merced JC

Mary King - Cal Baptist University

Parker Crosina-Sahm - OCC JC

Kevin Curtiss - Mereced JC


Class of 2021

Alina Hodges - Cal State East Bay

Hamilton Liberty - Merced College

Abbey Ellis - Augustana College

Chloe McKay - Santa Barbara JC

Jamian Villareal - Merced College

Jack Fitzpatrick - Long Beach JC

Dominic Guerra - Merced JC

Janson Cunningham - Ventura JC


Class of 2020

Emily Lopez-Ibarra - Fresno Pacific

Lola Gill - Salem University

Jatzelle Salazar Lopez - Fresno Pacific

Abby Delport - Fresno Pacific

Alyah Gavia - Santa Barbara JC


Class of 2019

Nicholas Hoffman - Merced College

Holden Crosina-Sahm - Cal Lutheran University

Cameron Frazier - Long Beach City

Austin Peterson - Long Beach City

Meigan Loomis - Arizona State

Madelyn Potts - Sonoma State


Class of 2018


Amy Zaninovich - Fresno Pacific University

Kinney Brighton - Cal State East Bay

Bridgette Garcia - Fresno Pacific University

Zalynn Mangrum - Fresno Pacific University

Caitlin Luster - Cuesta Junior College

Crystal Valtierra - University of Hawai'i

Miguel Diaz - Fresno Pacific University


Class of 2017


Jessica Diaz - Delta Junior College/Cal Lutheran

Gabby Dana - Cal State Monterey Bay

Savannah Fitzgerald - University of the Pacific

Raylene McVicar - Fresno Junior College

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