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Praetorian Water Polo

National Team Selection Criteria


This selection criteria is used for tournaments that limit number of athletes per team. Selection to represent Praetorian Water Polo at a major national events is earned by each player. It is important to understand that coaches are not only concerned with winning and they also focus on teaching athletes about loyalty, respect, and consistency in every aspect of their lives. Our goal is to prepare athletes to succeed at the next level of water polo and we also want them to become better individuals at the end of the season. The PWP coaching staff utilizes the following in determining team rosters for national events.

  • Mastery: How well do you understand "Praetorian Water Polo" system of play?

  • Team Chemistry: How do you fit into the team you are trying out for? Do you have the ability to adapt your game to fill in where the team needs you?

  • Attitude: Are you willing to sacrifice for the team? Are you willing to care about the team more so then your personal glory?

  • Commitment: Do you attend all practices? Do you attend at least four high school or junior high practices per week with your home school along with PWP practices.

  • Communication:  It is responsibility of the athlete, not the parent, to communicate with the coaches regarding playing time, missed workouts, expectations and future opportunities.

  • Performance: How do you perform in practice? How are you performing in the games under pressure?

All Athletes have to be registered under USA Water Polo, they need gold membership, and they need birth verification.

  • If you are not registered click here and follow instructions. 


Payment and Registration

  • Please use the form at the bottom of the page to register for the summer season.

  • PAYMENT - Venmo: @praetorianwpc / Paypal: / Checks go to Praetorian WPC.

Summer Fees - Installment Plan
You can now pay the summer fees in two installments.
Simply click on the PayPal icon on the left and complete the sign up process. 

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