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Praetorian Water Polo age group teams are made up of motivated, young, athletes who aspire to compete at the highest possible level. These athletes challenge themselves as individuals and  most importantly grow and learn the importance and benefits of teamwork in and out of the pool. The teams are made up of the best athletes  from various local schools.

PWP operates during winter and summer seasons, with  breaks during fall and spring seasons. The idea behind the structure is to allow local schools to retain their athletes during the water polo and during the swim season of sport. Once the season of sport is over, PWP will provide the opportunity for any aquatics athlete to compete on the highest possible level by traveling to souther California and northern California in order to participate in the elite water polo tournaments.
PWP is a unique water polo program that focuses primarily on correct fundamentals and teaching athletes how to execute team strategy. We work closely with local high schools and their coaches; therefore during PWP practices not a lot of focus is put on conditioning as that part of the work out is completed with the high school programs.