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Kara Pavlovic - Club Co-Founder and Girl's Program Director

Kara Pavlovic boasts an impressive coaching career, demonstrating her dedication and expertise in developing water polo talent. From 2012 to 2014, she served as the Head Girls Water Polo Coach for Ripon Aquatics, leading the varsity team at Ripon High School during the same period. Her tenure at Ripon showcased her ability to inspire and guide young athletes.

Following her success at Ripon, Kara transitioned to Clovis North High School from 2014 to 2017, where she served as the 7th-8th Grade Head Coach for the middle school team and the JV Head Girls Water Polo Coach. Simultaneously, she took on coaching responsibilities at Clovis WPC, making significant contributions as the 16u Head Coach and 12u Head Coach during the 2014-2015 seasons.

Currently, Kara serves as the Varsity Head Girls Water Polo Coach at Reedley High School since 2017, further solidifying her reputation for excellence in coaching. For the past seven seasons, Reedley High School has secured the league title under Kara’s coaching regime.


Additionally, she holds the position of Head Coach for Praetorian Water Polo Club, overseeing the development of 14U,16U, and 18U girls in the program. In her 13 years long coaching career, Kara has coached numerous All-Americans and she has sent over dozen of athletes to various NCAA, NAIA and junior colleges.


Kara's commitment to the sport is evident in her role with ODP 2024, where she contributes as the Central Dev Adjunct Coach and Central Youth Assistant Coach, showcasing her involvement in nurturing water polo talent at both the regional and national levels.


Kara Pavlovic

13 years of coaching experience

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